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    Are you looking for a Weekly Planner Template to help you organize and track your weekly activities specially if you have different appointments to fulfill? Then this word template is perfect for your needs. You can put name and reference number as per appointment time for the corresponding day to help you remember it. Moreover, you can set colors of each day as per your own choice or make it prominent. For instance, if you have a wedding anniversary on Tuesday, then change its header color from orange to red or pink. This will add convenience to your mind to remember it. Moreover, you can change titles of detail columns “Name and Number” to more meaningful for yourself.

    Here is preview of this Weekly Planner Template,

    Here is download link,

    Download Weekly Planner Template

    How to use this Weekly Planner Template?

    It is very easy to use this planner template. Just following the following steps,

    Step 1:  Download the ZIP file from the link above “Download Weekly Planner Template”.

    Step 2: Extract it using any software. You will find the .DOT file.

    Step 3: Now open this .dot file in MS Word or just double click on it in Windows Explorer to let windows open it for you in MS Word.

    Step 4: To change header/label color in this template, just move your cursor to the cell who’s color needs to be changed. On your mouse click Right Mouse Button, then choose Borders & Shadding. Click on Shadding tab  and choose the color from Fill drop down box.  Make sure you have selected Apply to combo box to Cell.

    Step 5: Editing text is very simple. Just click on any place where you want to edit text. Use normal keyword commands to edit it.

    I hope this will help you better use this planner template.

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