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    Whenever you travel, no matter you weather you have to report it officially to someone or not, you keep track of your expenses and try to be economical wherever possible. I often met with persons having a strong habit of reviewing their travel expenses afterwards and hence finding out important key factors to reduce their expense next time they go out. Allow me to share with you a comprehensive Travel Expense Report prepared using MS Excel 2013 (you can easily use it with MS Excel 2007 or 2010 versions), that can give you a hand in analyzing your travel expenses and finding out key areas where you feel you can reduce your expenses. Moreover, this excel template is equally important in preparing official Expense Report to be presented to your boss or accounts department for possible reimbursement. For this purpose, this excel worksheet has fields to input like submitted to, reimbursement per mile, authorized by and the time period. On the detailed part, it allows you to record date, description of expense, airfare, lodging, ground transportation (to travel within city), meals and mileage recorded. Moreover it also allows you to track foreign currency expenses along with current currency exchange rate for conversion at the time of reimbursement. At the bottom, you can see averages and total to be done automatically using the forumla already applied. This is why people usually love to create such report and spreadsheets in MS Excel and not in MS Word because it allows you to do calculation part quickly and automatically.

    Here is preview of this Travel Expense Report.

    Travel Expense Report

    Here is download link,

    Download Travel Expense Report in MS Excel Format

    How to use this Travel Expense Report – MS Excel Template?

    Here is a step by step guide to use this Travel Expense Report using your favorite MS Excel Software.

    Step 1: The first and the foremost task is to download this template. Please click on the link above or choose ‘Save Target As‘ from right mouse click menu when you right click your mouse over this link. In both cases, you are going to get Travel-Expense-Report.zip file.

    Step 2: Extract is using MS Windows built-in compression and extraction tool or some external like WinZip or WinRar etc. Once Unzipped, you are going to get the Excel File Travel-Expense-Report.xltx. You can easily open it with MS Excel 2007 or 2010.

    Step 3: Open it in MS Excel. Now before going to input details of your travel expenses, fill out the header part first. Input your Name (C5), Department (C7), Period (C9) and your Reimbursement details (Authorized by (H5), Per Mile Reimbursement (L5) and Total reimbursement (L7)). You will also required to input Date Submitted Or this can be filled by the office staff.

    Step 4: Now going into the detailed part, you will need to input date, description of expense, Airfare, Lodging, any expenses for ground movement, meals or tips and miles travelled. You can also specify Misc Expenses if occurred.  Office staff can specify the amount or number of miles reimbursed against this claim.

    Step 5: Initially you can see two number of rows inserted into this template but you can easily insert more rows. To Insert more rows, just select the last row (15th Row in this case) and then right click mouse button to choose Insert. This will insert another row above the last row to make more roam for you to input more and more details. You can insert as many rows as you can.

    I hope you liked this Travel Expense Report and going to use it for your day to day business travelling.

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