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    Here is a Sign In Sheet Template that can be used to track and record attendance of participants in any meeting or event. It requires you to input Event Title and Date to be mentioned at the top. Then on each row, just input Name, Designation, Sign-in time and put their signature there. This is a general purpose sign-in sheet that can be used virtually for any kind of event or purpose.  You can print it out (several copies) for a big event or gatherings.

    Here is preview of this Sign In Sheet Template,

    Here is download link,

    Download Sign-In Sheet Template

    How to use this Sign-In Sheet Template?

    Here is a step by step guide to use this template,

    Step 1: Download the zip file from the link above. Just click on it to start download.

    Step 2: Extract downloaded file sign-in-sheet.zip file and you will get sign-in-sheet.doc file.

    Step 3: Now just open it in MS Word 2003 or later and then simply put your event title and date & time. Print it out for use.

    Step 4: Optionally, if all the participants are know, it is better if you type their name and designation to save more of the time at the spot.

    Step 5: Optionally, you can also change background color of rows if printing on  dot-matrix printer.

    Hope you will find this template useful.


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