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    People use to bid all the time and it’s such an excited process in which you just price an item and wait for others to do so. Once all the members have made their bids on the items they want, the administration checks for the highest bidder and grants him the authority to buy that particular item. Some persons are very social and they like to attend these type of social events in which they could bid on items so as they are attending number of bids, it’s not possible to remember each and every little detail about all the bids so you need to have some kind of reminder with you. A bid tracker is the most efficient tool in this process which is free of cost and you don’t to pay anything for it. It’s very easy to operate and you don’t need to be an expert of computer or Excel and you can download it from the above mentioned URL.

    Here is preview of this Free Project Bid Tracking Template created using MS Excel,

    Project Bid Tracking Template

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    Here are the steps to operate this bid tracker:

    1. As you open this spreadsheet in Excel, you see that there are two pages in this file. The first page is named as “Bid details” and the second page is named as “Summary”. As it’s clear from the names that the first page which is also the dashboard of this tracker which shows the results in both figures and graphical form and the second page is where you need to enter all the required data in the table.
    2. Go to the second page which is the “summary page” and here you can see a table under the graphical area. This is the table in which you are required to enter the data such as the name of the bid and the days remaining till its opening. In the bid column, enter the bid serial number starts from C10 and in the days left column, enter the remaining days till the bid will open starting from D10.
    3. You can add as much bids as you want and this is the best thing about this tracker that it works with all kinds of bids and you don’t need to create a new spreadsheet every time you want to keep the record of a different type of bid.
    4. As you enter the above data into the required table and cells, you will see that in the above graphical section, the tracker has shown a graph which represents all the bids and with line bars, it is indicating the days left to each one of the bids.
    5. Now as you come at the front or “Bid details” page, you see that there are again different columns here. Some of these are automatically updated by the tracker itself where the others need to be filled manually.
    6. The first column is for the bid serial numbers and it starts from B3. Second column is to write a little description about each bid ad it starts from C3. The third column is to enter the date when you received the bid starting from D3 where the next column is to enter the amount of each bid in Rupees or Dollars starting from E3.
    7. As each bid requires some work or processing to do so the amount of work you have done on each bid is entered in the fifth column in percentage and it starts from F3.
    8. The next two columns are for the date when the bid will open and the last column is to enter the days left in opening a bid starting from G3 and H3 respectively.
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