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    Here is a Menu Planner Template that can help housewives or individuals living in a house to plan and organize their daily menu choices. it is really important to keep track of calories you need and healthy food that can fulfill your needs. If it is not planned before hand, you might get trouble in selecting the right food for yourself and your family. Hence this menu planner template can help you in quickly and effectively plan your weekly menu before hand and just follow it for healthy lifestyle. This planner template is created using MS Word 2007 and a generic color scheme is selected to provide best quality in printing.

    Here is preview of this Menu Planner Template,

    Here is download link,

    Download Menu Planner Template

    How to use this Menu Planner Template?

    Step 1: Download it from the link above. Just right click on the text “Download Menu Planner Template” and then choose “Save Link As” to save it in your Hard Disk.

    Step 2: Extract the ZIP file you just downloaded. You will get the .dotx file to open in MS Word 2007 or later.

    Step 3: Once opened in MS Word, now you can easily edit any text or replace images by selecting it.

    Hope this will help you to use this template easily.

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