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    Here is a Meal Planner Template that can help anyone conscious about his/her diet. The best food is the one that provides you required protein, calories and fats. This word template help you to calculate and organize your food as per its effect on your body by means of rich in protein, full of calories, crabs and facts. List all the options you use for breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner, then find out its nutrition and then balance it as per your requirements.

    Usually people don’t take care of their diets and nutrition and hence resulted in increased weight and fats gain. So it is critical to understand nutrition details of each and every food you intake. Here is a good source for calculating nutrition of your day to day food items.

    Here is preview of this Meal Planner,

    Here is download link,

    Download Meal Planner Template

    How to use Meal Planner Template?

    Here is a step by step guide as how to use this Meal Planner Template,

    Step 1: Download this word template from the link above.

    Step 2: Unzip the meal-planner-template.zip file to get meal-planner-template.doc file.

    Step 3: Now open in your MS Word 2003 or later version.

    Step 4: Notice seven rows in front of each Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Please fill it with your daily menu details. Here is another Menu Planner Template should you need it to plan your daily menu for whole week.

    Step 5: Now input nutrition details in front of each and every food item. You can get help from this calculator if you don’t know how to find nutrition details.

    Step 6: There are two options of SNACKS: Before Lunch and after Lunch. Each has three choices to list down along with its nutrition details. Should you need to add more choices, just right click on any of the row and then select Insert -> Insert Row Below. This way you can increase number of choices wherever needed (usually in Snacks Section).

    Step 7: Now calculate total of nutrition and then put at he last row in this table.

    Hope this template will help you in your best diet plan.


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