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    Are you a manager and struggling to keep up to date your daily tasks and tracking of progress as the day progress? No doubt, planning your daily tasks and then keeping track of it throughout the day is the only way to ensure you complete all the tasks due at the end of the day. Completing all tasks on its due day means you are up to the schedule and can deliver or complete your project in time. This template is created using MS Excel and allows its users to plan each half an hour from 9am till 6:30pm. You can mention up to three tasks in a row for a 30 minute slat. Moreover, you can track Misc or unexpected phone calls as well in a separate sidebar place. Finally, you can track the percentage of tasks completed as compared to pending tasks to compute your performance parameters and keep track of them to improve you daily efficiency.

    Colors scheme used in this excel template is very well selected by the author but still it is very easy to customize it if you don’t like it. However try to keep alternative colors for rows as it help you in reading it quickly.

    Here is preview of this Daily Planner,

    Here is download link for this template,

    Download Daily Planner Template

    How to use this Daily Planner Template?

    Here is a step by step guide to use this template at its full potential.

    Step 1: Download this planner template from the link above. Just click on it and it should start downloading.

    Step 2: You should get a daily-planner-template.zip file. Extract it to get daily-planner-template.xlts file which can be edited using MS Excel 2007 or later version.

    Step 3: Now as you have it opened in MS Excel, the first thing that you need to do is match you daily timings with the timings mentioned in column A. By default it starts from 9:00am to 6:30pm, however if you day starts at 10:00am then update it accordingly. Similarly mention your break times for lunch and or tea break.

    Step 4:┬áNow mention date of tasks at first cell of J and K columns. Replace “DAY” with day name like “Saturday” and replace “Date” with date such as”April 24, 2012″.

    Step 5: Optionally if you feel you will have to do only one task per 30 minutes, than merge three tasks columns (C to G) into one column.

    Hope this will help you use this template with all of its features.


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