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    When it comes to teach in senior grade classes for students having greater IQ and academic background, it is vital to plan each and every activity performed in classroom before hand. Hence there comes a need for Daily Lesson Plan to be prepared by teachers or senior academic staff to stream line education system and make it less dependable on personal skills of teachers. In this Daily Lesson Plan template, anyone can easily specify details of prior knowledge needed and grades being addressed in this lesson plan. Moreover, lesson planning is divided into four bigger sections: Objectives, Information, Verification and Activity. At the end, there is also a section for Summary of your plan and also enough space for teaching materials and resources to be required to comprehensively execute this plan. By planning daily activities in schools, the senior management can help teachers to concentrate more on specific details rather than always thinking about overall direction and strategic management of course material.

    Here is preview of this Daily Lesson Plan Template,

    Daily Lesson Plan Template

    Here is download link,

    Download Daily Lesson Plan Template

    How to use Daily Lesson Plan?

    Here is a step by step procedure to use Daily Lesson Plan,

    Step 1: Download this Lesson Plan from the link above. You will get a ZIP file.

    Step 2: Extract this ZIP file to get Daily-Lesson-Plan.xlsx which is an Excel Worksheet file to use.

    Step 3: First thing to set or configure its Meta Details such as B4 for date, C4 to mention Course, E4 for Instructor and E7 for mentioning grade details for this lesson plan.

    Step 4: Secondly input actual plan information on Student and Teacher guide cells against the four sections defined. These four sections are as follows,

    Section 1: Objective

    In this section, skills and information that need to be learned should be mentioned clearly.

    Section 2: Information

    Here need to mention information on what actually need to perform. Information about the demonstration or activity base line to transfer required knowledge or information to the attendant.

    Section 3: Verification

    Here mention steps to be taken to ensure that objective has been achieved. A cross analysis of what has been delivered and re-checking of its measures.

    Section 4: Activity

    Mention step by step action to perform that can transfer knowledge or educate the students as per the objectives mentioned in Section 1.

    I hope this template will be useful for teachers.

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