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    Preparing budgets is always a critical process no matter what kind of organization you run or work for. It requires careful assessment of organization’s revenue and routine expenses to calculate overall profit or net income.  The job of preparing budget turned to be more difficult when it is for a NGO (Non Profit Organization). Non Profit Organizations don’t operate for the sake of profit or money making as their core objectives. Moreover, they don’t have traditional revenue sources such as sales of products etc. Hence a Budget Document for NGO is obviously a different one as compared to routine budgets prepared for business organizations. Allow me to share with you a comprehensive and good looking Budget Template well-suited for NGOs to get started preparing their own budgets with very less modifications. This Excel Template allows you to not only specify your income/donations amount as well as expenses but also to compare it with previous year’s data. You can also have a very quick comparison of Proposed Vs. Actual facts & figures. A simple yet very informative chart allows reader to have a quick overview of whats the summary without going into details of each and every entry.

    Here is preview of this Budget Template for NGOs,

    Budget Template or NGOs

    Here is download link for this Budget Template for NGOs,

    Download Budget Template for NGOs

    How to use this Budget Template for NGOs?

    Here is a step by step procedure as how to use this budget template in MS Excel 2010 or later.

    Step 1: Right click link above to download this template in zip format. Extract this file to get MS Excel file.

    Step 2: Notice the following three major areas of this budget template,

    1. Header area with Chart
    2. Table to specify Revenue Details
    3. Table to specify Expense Details

    Step 3: The first thing that you need to do is set Financial Year. Set it there in the cell G1. It will automatically configure all column heads in both Revenue and Expense tables.

    Step 4: Input revenue details such as Fundraisers and events, Donations, Foundations and Interest Incomes.

    Step 5: Specify expenses from Row No 28 and onward such as Salaries, Rent, Benefits (as per NGO Purpose & Scope), Travel Expense, Marketing and other Fees.

    Step 6: Even though above mentioned accounts are enough for a standard NGO to specify expenses and revenues yet if you want to add new row, just select a row above and then press Right Mouse button. Choose Insert from the menu to add a new row. See the picture below,

    In this way, you can add/remove rows when and where you want.

    I hope you will enjoy using this budget template and can easily use it for your purpose.

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